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Ancient Egyptian Funerary Mask of Princess Thuya (Museum Replica)

Ancient Egyptian Funerary Mask of Princess Thuya (Museum Replica)

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              Ancient Egyptian Funerary Mask Of Princess Thuya

Funerary Mask of Princess Thuya A funeral mask of a Thuya,s head who was the wife of Yuya, one of the senior officials during King Amenhotep III. Also, she was the mother of Queen Tiye, the grandmother of Akhenaten.
Comes with a certificate of verification issued by the supreme council of
Antiques in Egypt.

What was Thuya known for?
Thuya is believed to be a descendant of Queen Ahmose-Nefertari, and
she held many official roles in the interwoven religion and
government of ancient Egypt. She was involved in many religious
cults; her titles included ‘Singer of Hathor’ and ‘Chief of the
Entertainers of both Amun and Min.
Thuya was an ancient Egyptian noblewoman who was “Chief of the
Harem of Amun and Min” at Akhmim, the capital city of the 9th Nome
of Upper Egypt, the mother of Queen Tiye and great grandmother of
King Tutankhamun.

Material: Polyester
Coloring: Gilded and colored
Dimensions: Height = 19.5 cm/ 8 in
Width = 18.0 cm/ 7 in
Thickness = 9.0 cm/ 3.6 in
Weight: 0.430 Kg / 0.95 lbs
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