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Fame Contrast Wide Brim Straw Unisex Hat

Fame Contrast Wide Brim Straw Unisex Hat

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The Contrast Wide Brim Straw Hat is a striking and stylish accessory that features contrasting elements for a unique and eye-catching look. The combination of different colors and textures on the hat creates a bold and fashionable statement. Made from paper, this hat offers sun protection with a lightweight and breathable design, making it perfect for sunny days. Whether you're at the beach, by the pool, or exploring a new destination, the Contrast Wide Brim Straw Hat adds a touch of flair and individuality to your outfit. Stand out from the crowd and express your style with this chic accessory.

  • Pieces: 1-piece
  • Material: 100% paper
  • Imported
  • Product measurements:

Adjustable inner string

16 in *14 in

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