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Statue Of King Tutankhamun On Leopard Museum Reproduction

Statue Of King Tutankhamun On Leopard Museum Reproduction

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Statue Of King Tutankhamun On Leopard (Museum Replica)

King Tutankhamun was the antepenultimate pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty of ancient Egypt. He ascended to kingship as a child rule around the age of 9 and reigned until his death around age 19. This Statue is one of a pair featuring King Tutankhamun on the back of a leopard. The King is standing with his left leg forward on a rectangular pedestal fixed to the back of the leopard. He holds a long staff in one hand and the flail in the other. The King is wearing the White Crown of Upper Egypt with a cobra on his forehead and a large collar that covers his chest and shoulders and terminates with a row of drop beads. A tight-fitting loincloth tied at the front and incised with fine lines covers his lower body. He is wearing sandals. The exaggeration of the King`s features shows the influence of the Amarna style of art.

Comes with a certificate of verification issued by the supreme council of Antiques in Egypt.
Handcrafted by skilled Egyptian Hands.
Product Specifications:
Material: Polyester
Coloring: Colored
Large Size                                                            Medium Size
Height: 85 cm / 34 in                                            31 cm / 12.4 in
Length: 70 cm / 28 in                                           24 cm / 9.6 in
Width: 20 cm / 8 in                                                 7 cm / 2.8 in
Weight: 11.8 Kg / 26 Lbs.                                        0.62 kg / 1.36 lbs.

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