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Ancient Egyptian Golden Goddess Bastet Cat (Height = 27 cm/ 10.8 in )

Ancient Egyptian Golden Goddess Bastet Cat (Height = 27 cm/ 10.8 in )

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                                         Golden Egyptian Goddess Bastet Cat

The Goddess Bastet, represented by a cat, was worshiped by ancient Egyptians. Bastet was considered the goddess of love, fun, pleasure, and joy in hears.

She was called “Bastet” by many titles, including Lady of the Two Lands, Lady of Lords, and Lady of Heaven, as she called “Lady of Bubastis” in connection with her place of worship in the Delta. This title was present in textual records until the end of ancient Egyptian history. She was also associated with the moon, as “Ain” the moon.

Comes with a certificate of verification issued by the supreme council of Antiques in Egypt.

Handcrafted by skilled Egyptian Hands
Product specification
Material: Polyester
Color: Colorful

Dimension:     Height = 27 cm/ 10.8 in            Length = 14 Cm / 5.6 in   

                           Width = 10 cm / 4 in                                                                                                             

Weight: 2.9 Kg

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